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Plants Don't Heal But They Do Lead to Healing

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Welcome to Through The Plants

A blog designed to nurture your journey back to Self through the wisdom & guidance of the plants & other elements of Nature

I'm Kylee Foote, and I'm a clinically trained herbalist practicing transpersonal herbalism since 2014. I've worked with numerous plants over the years and witnessed them doing incredible, amazing things, but I'll be the first to tell you that plants don't heal. They certainly help facilitate the healing process but they themselves don't heal. What they do is guide, support, nourish, teach us as they unravel & recalibrate or shift your energy into greater alignment. They show us the way, encouraging us to believe in ourselves and each other, and to remember our innate self-healing abilities. Plants are inspiring in so many ways, and I will never stop singing their praises, but for this first blog of mine, I had to set the record straight.

Like humans, plants are both energetic & physical beings, which means they influence or impact us on both levels. In fact, plants impact us physically because they have the ability to shift us energetically.

Much like with anything else, each plant has its own energetic signature, it's own particular abilities and way of doing things. A special set of skills and array of knowledge that is theirs alone. So while certain plants may be similar to one another in their actions, how each one delivers or performs these actions is unique. In this way, they're no different than us. There can be a million herbalists, teachers, artists, or performers in the world, but no two are alike.

Plants as Teachers & Guides

We live in a universe where what you need is always being attracted to you, and then calling out for your attention. Plants are an integral part of this guidance system, which means all throughout your life various plants will be brought to your attention through thought, conversation, or simply noticing them when you're out and about.

Plants are always interacting with the world around them. You can learn a lot about living just by observing the various trees and plants in a given ecosystem. Once you start consciously working with them on a physical or energetic level, though, you truly begin to understand the expansive and very nuanced wisdom held within each one. Not only do they hold the wisdom of the Earth, they hold the wisdom of the Universe as well. They know what to hold onto and what to let go of, how to move forward beyond limitations, and how to express oneself fully with great joy & enthusiasm. They know how to celebrate differences and uphold the integrity of all life forms. They know about balancewhen to rest & when to take action. They go where they are needed, when they are needed, and for as long as they are needed.

Even if you don't know how to communicate with the plants, working with them in any way will help you gain greater insight into yourself & the disharmony at hand. They are excellent guides and teachers on all levels across endless topics. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of are you open to learning?

Plants as Energy Shifters & Unravelers of Trauma

To understand how plants influence us, we have to first understand what wellbeing and healing truly are. Wellbeing is homeostasis or alignment with your inner being or Source Self. Therefore, to heal is to be unresisted in allowing yourself to be i.e. working to let go of the limiting thoughts, feelings, fears, & beliefs pulling you out of alignment with who you truly are, and then integrating the parts associated with these limitations, who you are currently in resistance to, as well as integrating the wisdom & knowledge gained along your journey. Your body and emotions are perfect barometers to where you're at on your alignment or homeostasis scale.

Just like no two people are exactly alike, no two trauma histories are exactly alike. And to put a finer point on things, each thread of your story has its own energetic frequency based on your thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs. Because of this, you can then match plants to problemsnot through physical symptoms, which is what so many try to do, but through their frequencies. It's like finding the right key for a lock. Once you begin working with the right plant or combination of plants, the frequencies of those plants begin unraveling & shifting the frequency of the wound in order to bring this part of you back into energetic alignment.

Plants as Nourishers of Body, Mind, & Heart

In the process of shifting & unraveling, some plants have the distinct ability to nourish certain organs and systems in the body, restoring vitality as they bring you into greater and greater alignment. These plants are a bit more universal in who can work with them, meaning their frequency key matches many frequency locks. Examples would be: hawthorn for the heart, tulsi for the nervous system & adrenals, and nettles for the kidneys, adrenals, vitamin & mineral deficiency, as well as boundary issues.

Sometimes a person is simply not open to being nourished, however. In cases like this, you would need to work with the right combination of plants to unravel the limitations that keep this person in resistance. Once that has been accomplished, the appropriate nourishing herbs will make themselves known and you can work with those.

There is a plant for everything

While plants may not heal you, they certainly can guide you forward on your inner journey to heal i.e. to know & embody yourself and live an abundant, interconnected life. More importantly, they can support you to live a life you can love, one where you have a strong sense of self and are focused on making sure you feel your best as you embrace the flow of the reality you're co-creating. They may not heal you, but guaranteed there is a plant for everythingevery physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issue we may face. And I for one find that to be the most remarkable & comforting thing of all!


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