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More About Me

It took me 37 years to accept the majority of myself & own the quirks that I learned to weaponize against me. As I mentioned on the Home Page, I talk a lot. Like a lot a lot. Especially when I'm excited or haven't talked to any other adult humans throughout the day. And always to myself both in my head & out loud!

When I'm not talking, I'm usually humming or singing quietly (or not) to myself, while I move around from one thing to the next.

As you can imagine, my body likes to be in frequent motion, which pairs nicely with the near constant soundtrack I have playing in my head! And I'm very expressive. Even when my mouth is saying nothing, my face (hands & body) says it all! Between the repertoire of phrases, voices, & characters, a brain programmed to randomly burst into song, and my habit of sometimes sing narrating my way through life, I'm basically like an off Broadway musical wrapped into a person.


I'm leaning into the joy of bringing these parts of me out into the world rather than continuing to feel the discomfort I've felt hiding them away all these years. I'd be lying if I said I didn't have any wobbly moments. The truth is after 37 years of minimizing myself, it is a conscious daily choice & practice to allow all of me to be present & accounted for!

With my physical expressiveness comes the multi-sensory/extra-sensory/extra sensitive energy interpreter. The ability to "talk" to anyone & anything at all levels seen & unseen–plants, elementals, Starbeings, crossed over loved ones, parts of people, emotions, thoughts, beliefs–are all things that I enjoy connecting with on a daily basis. Through this channeling, I find it easy to connect dots where others may not see the correlation. And then to communicate those connections & the wisdom I've gained is truly the best icing on top of the cake!

If you asked me how many people know these things about me, I'd tell you not a whole helluva lot. Only a select few have experienced the full scope of me. Some know the watered down version, but most know me as this cool, calm, and collected person who is deeply intuitive & insightful. And, of course, I am those things, but far and away I'm more of a fun-loving, deep thinking, extra-sensory, perceptive flitty little fairy with enough sass to sink a battle ship, who appreciates well seasoned food and a well seasoned life sprinkled liberally with unfettered joy, laughter, & exploration.

I share all of this not just for you to get a sense of who I am & who you'll be working with, but also for you to see that I'm now on the other side of so much of the pain of self-suppression. Because I know this journey. It took me years of deep healing to finally see what has been true all along: I am the value. I am the wisdom for me. I am the only one here who can free me from my own oppression. I am what I seek. I now validate my uniquely colorful existence. Rather than constantly seeking approval & subsequently fearing rejection, I now accept that I'm not everyone's cup of tea. I get that I can be annoying. Hell, I annoy myself sometimes. But I own that. I own that I'm all of these things, AND I'm valuable as hell because of them & also just because! I am worthy of walking into any space and being fully present as me, even though that might make others uncomfortable.

And the truth is all of those things are true about you as well! No matter who you are, how you're showing up, or what you've got going on inside. That's what I help you connect with. That's what I hold space for. That you are the value of your life. That you not only have the wisdom, but you ARE the wisdom for your life & you can trust yourself. No one knows you better than you know yourself. I will never not honor where you're at, AND I will forever hold space for your alignment with your most authentic self.


That is the journey of the Soulful Self Seeker, learning to honor yourself as you've been, as you are, as you will be, while consciously choosing to allow more & more of your authentic nature to be present & live for your own joy.

And I am honored to be a part of that journey.


My Pillars of Life

Radical Honesty, Interconnection, Freedom, & Fun set the foundation for my life & coaching style.

Without radical honesty, there is no growth. Sometimes it's really f*cking hard to see the truth, to admit that we're unwittingly causing our own pain & just giving it someone else's name. We unconsciously get in our own way trying to appease & prioritize everyone else, that we don't even realize we're betraying ourselves in the process. But, once you own the truth of that, you can stand in your power and choose, shift, or release whatever it is that isn't aligned with you.


Part of being in alignment with your authentic truth is recognizing the importance of connection & your role in the web of life. Of course, the most important connection there is is the one you have to yourself. When that is strained, you feel unsure, unsteady, unappreciated, unrecognized... But when it is deeply nurtured & nourished, when you prioritize your own wellbeing, you feel more alive, which is to say, you feel better able to maintain your own self, while giving to others.

The freedom to be who you are no matter how anyone else thinks or feels about it is something we all consciously & unconsciously strive for. We don't want to be like everyone else. We don't want to be Us Lite. We push against being boxed in, limited, told what to do, and how to show up. We abhor seeing those who are not free as much as we hate the lack of freedom we feel within ourselves. Freedom of expression is a right. And our work is threefold: to accept ourselves, to accept others, & to accept that we aren't all alike, we won't always agree or get along, and that variety of being isn't something to fear or fight against. It's something to be embraced in us all. And I recognize how hard those things are.

But life is boring as hell otherwise. And if you're not having fun, what are you even doing? Life was meant to be lived. The world was meant to be explored. You are meant to explore yourself through the variety & difference found in the world. If you're not enjoying what you're doing, you're not in alignment. You don't have to focus on healing to heal. Healing happens naturally as you allow yourself to have fun, to explore, to be who you are. Focusing on the pain only perpetuates it. Focusing on what lights you up is the cure.


And that, my fellow Soulful Self Seeker, is what I help you own.

Education and Certifications

Associates of Science Early Childhood Education 2004-2006

I attended classes at Owensboro Community & Technical College from 2004-2006, working toward and receiving my Associates of Science degree with a focus in Early Childhood Education.

Reiki Master Teacher 2011-2012

I was trained in Usui-Tera Mai Reiki, which is a more earth-centered form of Reiki that blends traditional Reiki discovered by Master Usui with Tera Mai Reiki created by Kathleen Milner, which incorporates Reiki, Seichim, and other Universal Energies.

Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism 2014-2016

At the CommonWealth Center for Holistic Herbalism I became a trained clinical herbalist over the course of 3 years and 340 classroom hours, including clinical work. Here I learned the vitalist approach to Western herbalism and the concept of food and nature as medicine, which was the foundation our herbal knowledge was built upon. I also participated in the free clinic offered at the school, working with people one on one.

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