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Nature Medicine

As an transpersonal herbalist I work primarily with plant, tree, and fungi medicine both energetically and physically. What this means is that when I am tuning into a client's energy, I will see or hear specific plant allies to work with that I will then place in their energy where and how I feel called to do so. Or, I will come to an ailment, illness, dis-ease, or issue within the person and know immediately what plants would be best to work with to restore balance. Often these same plants are the ones my clients need to work with physically as well, so I will then make a customized tea, tincture, elixir, oxymel, flower essence, etc for them.


One of my favorite ways to work with plants that incorporates both the energetic and physical healing aspects is by putting the plants directly onto the areas of the body I am guided to. I call these "Plant On" Sessions, which you see pictured to the right. These plants not only are bringing healing to my clients while they are on them, but they are acting as an access point for me to go into the wounding and extract all the information that is needed for healing. In this way I've gained new insight into the healing properties of these plants, which has enriched my understanding of how they help us exponentially.  


Sometimes, though, a person's energy wants other natural elements to help shift things back into a state of homeostasis. Because I believe all natural elements have wisdom to share that will help us deepen our understanding and connection to ourselves, this could mean crystals, animals, the sun, the moon, rocks, color frequencies... the sky's the limit. All of nature is a blanket of nurturance in one way or another. It's just a matter of figuring out which elements would best serve you in creating the most alignment. And that's where I can help!

Shadow Work

Shadow work is all about bringing awareness and understanding to those parts of ourselves and the trauma that we suppress and reject. It is one of the most effective ways I've found to get to the root of any issue. My healing style has always been to get directly to the heart of the matter, understand everything that is, put the puzzle pieces together, and figure out the best course of action and support. So for me, the discovery of Shadow Work was a huge Ah-ha! moment that has helped me take my clients and myself from a state of awareness to actually being able to shift and change limiting thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs at the source. Seeing the connections between things is one of my superpowers. For whatever reason, it just comes very naturally to me, and that is a very handy thing when you're in the business of helping people know and understand themselves better!

Going into their shadows is something many people fear or are uneasy about. They feel out of their depth, intimidated, and uncertain. Many tell me they'd rather be left in the dark. But the reality is, healing is all about accepting and loving all of ourselves, and to do this, we must go into the shadows to understand the parts we keep there. This is where I can help. I have no fear of going into the depths with you. I do so without judgment or recrimination, holding space for and giving voice to what is. For those who are ready to know themselves completely, who are ready to know their truest truth, working with me in this way will be one of the most transformational courses of action.


Herbal & Healing Education

Teaching is innate to who I am, but I'm not someone who will just toss facts out at you. I will drop knowledge and wisdom bombs that hopefully will create some awesome Ah-ha or porous surface moments, but I want more hands-on interaction with learning. I believe it is important that we all come to our relationships and connections with everything in life. Learning plant medicine, energy healing, how to come into alignment or anything of that nature should be no different. What is true for me and in my body & soul isn't always going to be the same for you. Similar, probably, but never the same, especially when it comes to herbal medicine. So while I agree that it is important to know what others are saying and doing, what conclusions they've drawn, what they've seen work, and how, I feel that each person has their unique learning journey to go on. And I'm here to honor them.

That doesn't mean I won't share everything I know and am coming to understand because I will with giddy excitement! I love plant medicine, I love nature, I love all things energetic and esoteric, and I especially love how all of these things come together to support us in understanding ourselves and our place in this world and the Universe. With that said, I never want my knowledge to trump anyone else's truth and experiences.

I am here to offer a safe space for what is. I will encourage, nurture, and support my students to believe in themselves. I will teach them how to foster and trust in their instincts and intuition. I will guide and mentor with every drop of wisdom I've gained from my life and the healing work I do. And I will do this for two reasons: 1) I want everyone to feel confident in who they are and how they're showing up in this world and 2) I believe that strengthening our bonds to nature through plant medicine is one of the most nurturing ways we can heal from our wounds and ultimately come home to our true selves.

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