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Owning Self

A Sovereign Self Medicine Mastery Course

An initiation into a new paradigm of interconnection where you will embark on a journey of radical self-trust & self-exploration that will anchor you into your innate, conscious wisdom, supporting you in being the guiding force in your life.

You've done so much work already. You've healed so much, come so far.
Now, it's time to fully embrace & embody.
It's time to fully let go of who you were to anchor into who you are.

It's time to let go of the voices of others, who unconsciously guide you away from yourself.

Stop rejecting and betraying who you are & your own wellbeing for someone else's comfort & perceived joy.

You cannot take their struggle or suffering from them.
You can only choose to relinquish your own.

Own & Nourish the Wisdom & Truth of who you are & what you want.

You are the medicine you seek. You are the connection you've been craving. You are the master of your world.

There is no one who knows you better than you know yourself.
Confusion & doubt only come when you try to keep yourself contained in a box that is not yours.

As you step into this new paradigm of Sovereign Self Medicine, you will learn to trust yourself, to follow your own guidance, & embody the depth of your intrinsic value.

You will Own the entirety of your Self, which will settle you into a confidence that allows you to walk into any space & be present and approving of yourself in whichever way you choose to show up.

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Old ways won't open new doors


Meet Your Guide

Welcome to your next chapter, my gorgeous soulful Self seeking friend! I'm Kylee Foote, The Conscious Connection Coach and founder of the Sovereign Self Medicine way.


It is my infinite honor & pleasure to welcome you into my world.

Whether you have followed along with me for years or just happened upon this page, I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED that you are here!


Having spent my whole life living as others expected me to, while simultaneously trying to break the mold & find my own way, I deeply understand the confusion & pain of the internal struggle you are going through.

Even though I had hope, I honestly never expected to reach a point of clarity, freedom, & confidence. The pain & suffering I experienced, that I diligently kept hidden behind a pleasant, put together facade, I feared would never go away. Every day I battled the fear that I'd never heal enough to feel good about me or to feel free to BE me. But I hoped.


And thankfully, my hope kept me going, and I'm so grateful for that because now I'm where I thought I'd never be, feeling the way I never thought I'd feel. My own journey taught me how to own everything about me with a confidence I've never experienced before. And now, I get to be the teacher I've always felt called to embody and share this paradigm-shifting wisdom with you.

I'm not just interested in helping you release the internal wounds & conditioning.


What lights me up even more is communicating the connection between who you were with who you are & even more with who you are becoming. I adore the AHA moments. I love seeing eyes lighting up with the deep knowing that releases the old & ushers in the new.


And I am LIT ALL THE WAY UP by witnessing people standing in their authentic wisdom, recognizing their unique value, & owning themselves fully.

The power of that is visceral magic! Self Medicine in action!

Through your conditioning & experiences, you learned to betray the connection you have with yourself, to distrust your own innate knowing, and to question your feelings & desires.

You came to believe that you were simultaneously too much & not enough. That your intensity & passion took up too much space, so you learned how to shrink yourself.

You instead looked to others to show you the way, to tell you who you are and how you should be. You calibrated to them through your own need to survive & desire to belong.

But if you want to thrive, you MUST learn a new way of being–a more conscious way of connecting with yourself & the world around you.

You must learn to trust & own all parts of yourself and the wisdom you hold innate.

That is why I created this jam packed course to dive deep into a heart opening understanding of your relationship with your Self and how it relates to your life & the world around you.

No matter where you are now or what you've been through, you are a wise, capable, conscious being, who deserves to be nourished & feel the endless value that's ever-alive within you.

See you on the inside!

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Awaken to your value
and own it!

Throughout our time together, you will be working closely with very specific plant & crystal combinations in order to be guided, nourished, & supported into ever-deepening layers of the Self. As a transpersonal herbalist, I love working with the conscious wisdom & medicine of the plants to help shift others into a space of greater knowing, understanding, acceptance, and love of who & how they are. In my experience, nature's ability to alchemize, support, & nurture us is unprecedented because it is truly unconditional & unwavering.

The Lessons Inside Owning Self


Initiation into Sovereign Self Medicine methodology, self-betrayal, & the journey of self-trust you are embarking on

The Not Self

Identifying & releasing all that is a projection of someone else's fears, limitations, & beliefs manifesting through you as your perceived self

Owning Where You Are vs Where You Think You Should Be

Developing a practice of Radical Honesty & Compassion for yourself, recognizing the thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, & emotions that make up your current reality, & learning the Art of Letting Go

Owning What You Are Choosing

Understanding the power of choice & where your energy is focused to know what you're truly choosing

Owning Your True Wants & Desires

Learning how to identify & accept both the physical things you desire & the deeper emotional states you wish to occupy

Owning Your Unrealistic Expectations

Work with the perfectionistic parts of yourself to identify, understand, & transform the unrealistic expectations you have of yourself & others

Owning Your Rhythm & the Containment You Need

Connecting with your own inner wisdom to find the rhythm, structure, & containment that is best for your creative flow

Owning Who You Are

Transmuting the layers of shame, guilt, & judgement that keep you from feeling confident & aligned with the truth of you, identifying your authentic value & role, & embodying your unique Magic & Medicine

Closing Circle & Celebration Ceremony

Wrapping up our time together with a celebration of the metamorphosis catalyzed by this journey

What Others Are Saying

Alycia S.

Kylee’s work is profound. She is able to tune in to different aspects of your being to discover what your soul is needing and she is always SPOT ON. It's like she has x-ray vision of each layer of a person. I’m always impressed by the clarity and accuracy of her intuition, and I always leave her sessions feeling lighter and like I know myself so much better than I did when I walked in the door. She works intuitively with the energies of plants & crystals and will make sure you leave with a tincture of the essences you need to continue your growth process. I would see Kylee every week if I could!

Emily W.

Kylee led me through a highly transformative visualization technique to process old perceptions that were no longer serving me, and it was such a game changer! I was easily able to pinpoint the exact beliefs that were holding me back from stepping into my truth, and then alchemize them in a powerful yet playful way. By the end, I felt rejuvenated, clear, enlightened, and excited for the future. The process had a ripple effect into other areas of my life, the results of which are still unfolding. I am so grateful to Kylee for always holding space for me in a supremely gentle and non-judgmental way.

Leneai S.

Kylee is a kind and authentic soul with a gift for supporting others. Her guided visualizations and ability to gently hold space while providing a journey into layers of ourselves that live within, passed on for generations, was a much needed addition to my healing journey. She didn't try to force or dictate the story that unfolded but allowed for it to come up with kind guidance. This paired with her love and connection to plants - used to curate a blend specific for me to support through these integrations - created a safe space where I felt capable of opening up to deeper truth. Grateful for her and all of her skills, intuition, and love!!

Fourteen Weeks Together

Weekly 3 hr classes held in-person at The Village Studio in Ipswich, MA 6:00-9:00pm

Telegram Group Chat to share insights in between

Bonus e-book on Nourishing Your Nervous System

Class Dates:

April 2, 11, 16, 23, 30
May 7, 16, 21, 28
June 4, 13, 18, 25
July 2

Core Program Investment: $1200

Upgrade to the Core Plus 4
to receive 4 private sessions that include:


  • My wisdom, expertise, intuitive channeling & dot connecting abilities focused on your relationship with yourself over the course of four 1hr sessions

  • 1-2 Intuitive Plant Medicine Remedies after each session to further nourish & support your growth

Core Plus 4 Investment: $1800


If you still have questions about the course or whether it's the right fit for you

I encourage you to schedule a Connection Call.
This is the best way for us to determine whether Owning Self is the right next step for you and if a learning partnership resonates for both of us.

With warmth & affection,

- Kylee

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